Qantas is shopping for aircraft to fly non-stop from Australia’s east coast to New York and London without stopping.

The two options for Qantas are the Airbus A350-90 and the Boeing’s 777-8X. Both companies believe their aircraft will be able to extend their range for these 20-hour flights by 2022.

These ultra-long- haul aircraft can fly further due to their light-weight carbon-fibre
composite fuselage which burns less fuel. They also are smaller carrying less passengers and their twin-engine jets are also more fuel efficient than the current four-engine jumbo and superjumbos.

The aircraft also have plenty of comfort-based features (packaging) needed to meet and exceed customer expectations for such a long flight.

The new Airbus A350-1000 which has a retail price of about $360 million is currently in Australia for the first time as part of a demonstration tour.


Source: Qantas test-rides Airbus’ choice for non-stop New York and London jet – by Patrick Hatch SMH 13/2/18.

David Broadbridge

David Broadbridge holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the UNSW and a Dip Ed at UNE. He is the former Head Business Studies teacher at Pymble Ladies College. Follow David on Twitter or read his Qantas News Blog.