Get Smart Education is proud to partner with The Freedom Project which is an NGO that fights to end human slavery in India and the Philippines. These countries are infamous for sex trafficking and child trafficking.

Modern slavery is a term that covers all forms of trafficking, forced labour and child labour, including child soldiers. It is a serious crime & violation to human rights. Sadly 46 million people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery with 2 million being children. In India alone, there are an estimated 18 million people in slavery right now.

The Freedom Project focuses on prevention, rescue, and restoration. Their team spends time running before and after school programs that focus on sports, mentoring and academic assistance. In conjunction with this, we also run regular sports camps where young boys from vulnerable backgrounds come together to play sport, learn, and are encouraged to build a positive future for themselves. They also run safe homes for young women and young men, pre-school classes for young children, and offer other assistance to people in need.


Find out more about The Freedom Project here