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  • 2017 Edition available in January
  • Integrated 4 topic approach
  • Systematically follows the new NSW syllabus
  • Comprehensive Australian case study
  • Favoured by the top students in the state
  • Readily identifiable by students
  • Expert advice on how to write quality HSC Business Reports

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The new NSW Business Studies Syllabus requires students to use a business case study to investigate aspects of business for all of the 4 compulsory topics areas. In Section 4 of the HSC examination students are specifically assessed on how well they refer to a case study in their answer.

Qantas is a great business case study. The booklet, now in its 17th edition covers all of the 4 compulsory topics and helps students develop effective learning strategies. It enables students and teaches use their time more efficiently. The Qantas case study has been the one used by the top students in the State. The information is current and new developments throughout the year and a new improved ordering service is now available on this web site.

The author, David Broadbridge is an experienced teacher, lecturer and marker. David holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the UNSW and a Dip Ed at UNE. He is currently the Head Business Studies teacher at Pymble Ladies College.

David Broadbridge has consistently taught the top students in the state and well over 45% of his students scored a Band 6 compared to the State average of 8%.

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